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The Southampton Disappearance

Throughout my years of research I have read numerous articles in regards strange and profound disappearances, but never thought I'd be involved in such an investigation... That is until I received a surprising telephone call from a crime division police officer from Southampton UK.

I remember this very clearly... It was August 4th 2003. The telephone rang and a police officer from Southampton by the name of detective Paul Ronson asked if I could assist with a rather perculiar investigation. He did not want to go into detail over the phone so I arranged to meet up with him to discuss the case. A few days later I came face to face with Officer Ronson who informed of of the perculiarities of this particular investigation...

Michelle Richards, her husband Paul and 5 month old child, Thomas lived a a three bedroom house on a relatively new housing estate about three miles out of Southamton town center. Paul Richards, an office worker had just got his new company car. A Rover, and it was in green... his favourite colour. Paul was generally a man of habit and every other Friday he would go out with his friends to a local public house. Paul had finished work on this particular Friday, got in around 5.45pm, had his tea and went upstairs to get changed. He was to leave his house around 7.30pm so to meet up with his friends. He was particularly excited as he was going to show off his new company car for the first time. Paul rushed upstairs to get ready whilst his wife Michelle was left to clear the kitchen and put the pots away. Around 15 minutes later, Michelle had cleaned up and was making herself a cup of coffee in the kitchen when she realised that Paul had been upstairs a while. She thought to herself, had Paul gone out without saying goodbye? Michelle walked to the bottom of the stairs and listened... It was completely quiet. Thomas was asleep in the lounge and no noise was coming from upstairs. Micheele shouted out for Paul, but there was no answer. She looked around and could clearly see Paul's new company car sat outside the house. Surely he must still be in Michelle thought.

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