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A Winter Hill UFO? - Revised Edition.


The investigation you about to read could possibly be a hoax, perpetrated by investigators and people knowledgable about investigation and research techniques and the UFO subject. A huge amount of MAPIT resources were ploughed into this investigation. The Case details are as follows...

On Saturday, November 13th 1999. I received a telephone call from a man calling himself Stuart Murphy. His message was recorded on my telephone answering machine. This Message is as follows:

“This is Stuart Murphy here, I live on the corner of Winter Hill and something is in the sky, I’m shi***g my self here. I wondered if you can investigate or something. Oh Jesus”……

Due to the possible urgency I contacted Stuart by the telephone number that was obtained from caller display. The time was now 12.51 am on Sunday, November 14th 1999. A short conversation with Stuart took place:

He mentioned that he worked on Andrew’s farm which is about five or six minutes away from his home. He had been working late at the farm on Saturday, November 13th 1999 when suddenly he heard a strange droning sound. He got up and looked out of the farmhouse window to see a large bright light hovering over the farm & nearby field. He described how he felt terrified and threatened. The light then moved over towards the cattle. It hung in the air for a few minutes. The cattle were darting around trying to get away from this thing.

After a short time it moved off into the distance. Mr. Murphy was worried for the cattle and quickly ran out to check them keeping one eye on the distant object. No sooner had he reached the field he noticed the strange object turn and head back towards him. He ran as fast as he could back to the farmhouse. He remembered finding himself running for his life as the object was directly above. He looked, but all he could see was bright light, it seemed to be only feet from him Stuart claimed. He reached the farmhouse just in time to see the object lift slightly and stop over the field yet again.

Whilst the object hung over the farm, Stuart had contacted the police who apparently did not take the incident seriously and told Stuart to contact us. At that time, Greater Manchester Police had details of our organisation on file in regards to previous investigations that had received a police involvement. Stuart immediately contacted our head office and left a message. He explained that he was talking to us on a mobile telephone which is owned by the farmer and that he had worked at this particular farm for about 15 years. I Told Stuart that it was important to obtain all the details and that it’s best to make an arrangement with him so to discuss the incident in more detail. Stuart agreed to contact us again and arrange a meeting. He said that he had a lot of work to do over the next few days, but that he would contact me. His conversation was cut short, due to the farmer being in the vicinity and Stuart not wanting the farmer to know that he had contacted us.


Most of the conversation with Stuart entailed calming him down and telling him to take his time talking. Stuart had a strong Irish accent and I could not understand him when he talked too fast. There were many cursing words, which is an expected reaction due to the incident. Mr. Paul Rookes and Teresa O'Neil, Qualified Psychologists listened to the telephone message of Stuart’s and both commented on the stress in his voice.

I did not expect to hear from Start until Wednesday, November 17th, however, he telephoned me on Sunday, November 14th at approximately, 10.30 pm. Once again, Stuart was very upset and it took considerable time to calm him down and to get him to take his time talking. He explained that three official looking gentlemen dressed in suits claiming to be from the MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food) had visited the farm during Sunday afternoon and had first talked with the farm owner and apparently threatened him that the farm may be closed if he was not to co-operate. They then took Stuart aside and told him that he was not to say anything to anyone


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