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Without Consent.
By Carl Nagaitis & Philip Mantle.
This book explores the subject of Alien Abduction and features detailed accounts of alien contact.
A fascinating book that delves into the subconscious minds of alien abductees. A very good read.

Supernatural Pennines.
By Jenny Randles.
Jenny takes us on an exploratory investigation of the UFO phenomena, paranormal disturbances and the strange incidents that are reported throughout the area of the Pennines

UFO Revelation.
By Tim Matthews.
Was it a UFO or some type of exotic military aircraft? This is one of the questions Tim Matthews explores. An excellent read that will enlighten you in regards what's realy flying around our skies nowerdays.

By Whitley Strieber.
This book sends a chill down your spine. The true account of Whitley Strieber's contact with extraterrestrials whilst visiting his holiday home and his continued contact throughout the years.

Men In Black.
By Jenny Randles.
Jenny looks at the unusual documented cases of Men In Black, who are closely associated to the UFO phenomena and are often reported to have odd behaviour. Who are these mysterious MIBs?

The Afterlife.
By Jenny Randles & Peter Hough.
The study of Out of Body Experiences and the evidence to support the theory of Reincarnation is closely examined by Jenny & Peter. Are these experiences realy taking place and is their an afterlife?

Alien Abductions.
By Peter Hough & Moyshe Kalman.
Peter & Moyshe reveal their findings of a long term study of the Alien Abduction phenomena. Hear the testimony of witnesses that claim to have been on board a UFO and gone under medical examinations.

One in a Million.
By Peter Hough.
Ever had one of those experiences that are considered a rare coincidence? Peter delves into the many weird and profound documented cases of Synchnicity and Coincidences.

Witchcraft - A Strange Conflict.
By Peter Hough.
Peter digs deep into the world of the occult examining the history of witchcraft and the modern day concept of Wicca as well as the contraversial belief and practice of Satanism. A fascinating read.

Dark Mission.
By Richard Hoagland & Mike Bara.
The plot thickens as Richard Hoagland and his associate Mike Bara discover further conspiracies in regards the secret space program and extraterrestrial evidence on our moon.

The Starchild Skull.
By Lloyd Pye.
A real thought provoking book. Lloyd Pye discovers scientific evidence to suggest an ancient skull is in fact part extraterrestrial. Lloyd presses the boundary of science in regards the analysis of the starchild skull.

Paranormal Reality: Ghosts, UFOs and Pussy Cats.
By Dave Sadler: A trip through 13 years of paranormal research, looking at the Unknown Phenomena Investigation Association's case files. Available at Blurb at:

Everything You Know is Wrong.
By Lloyd Pye.
An amazing book. Lloyd examines the evolution theory, where humans came from, how the bigfoot creatures of the world fit into this plan and the sumerian texts. Have humans been genetically created?

Arrival of the Gods.
By Erich Von Daniken.
Erich has been investigating monuments and structures around the world for decades. He believes that there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that aliens once visited earth.

By Budd Hopkins.
Budd has been investigating the Alien Abduction phenomena for many years. Intruders tells the stories of numerous encounters with aliens, their interbreeding agenda and human examinations.

UFO Case Files of Russia.
This book introduces the phenomena of the most important cases, observations, and sightings. Written by Philip Mantle from the UK and Paul Stonehill, originally from the Ukraine, east meets west for the first time in this unique publication.

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