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The Westall UFO Encounter.


There have been a number of well known UFO cases throughout the world that have fasciated me, but none of them as much as the Westall UFO incident. Maybe its because I have family in Australia, or simply that there were hundreds of witnesses to this daylight event. Whatever the reason, for me... this is one of the best Australian UFO incidents that continues to baffle researchers even now... 45 years later.

On April 6th 1966 an incident took place that was to change the lives of hundreds of people. At around 11.00am over 200 students and teachers at a Victoria State School in Melbourne, Australia were shocked to see, what only can be described as a 'Flying Saucer' decsend from the sky and seemingly land in a near paddock close to a wooded area known to the locals as 'The Grange' which in more recent years has been converted into a nature reserve. After a short time, the object lifted from the ground and travelled towards the suburb of Clayton South, Victoria.

As usual, it was a beautiful sunny day and the first report came from a student in one of the science classes. Michael Fisher aged 14 slowly walked over to the classroom window and as he gazed into a sample pot, something caught his eye. He looked up to see a silent silver disc shaped craft move slowly across the back of the school. It was around 50 feet up in the sky and was seen to make its way towards the paddock. Michael screamed out 'Hey, there's a Flying Saucer in the sky'. The whole class roared in laughter.' No, there really is... look'. Classmates stampeaded to the window and silence befell the room as they watched how the strange craft darted side to side before descending towards the paddock. The teacher Andrew Greenwood fort his way to the window and was shocked at the sight. By this time the students were hysterical. Andrew tried to calm the students down. 'Sit down, sit down... if there's any problem, the bell will ring'. Surely enough a few moment later, the bell started to ring. The children ran to the door and headed out for a better look.

Another class had been doing sports outside on the main oval when the object flew over. The class came to a standstill as they watched the disc move silently over them. It was described as a grey metalic colour with a slight purple hue and around the size of a large family car. There were a few variations in description. Andrew Greenwood described the craft as a silver green colour. However, all witnesses agree that the object was slowly descending and flew over the school's south-west corner before dropping out of sight behind trees near the paddock.

Around 20 minutes later the object lifted silently, gathering speed and headed off towards the north-west. A number of witnesses described the craft as gaining altitude and being pursued by five small aircraft which must have been in the vicinity.

Three days later on April 9th the location was visited by a number of uniformed officers of the Australian Armed Forces acompanied by the local police department. The officers were seen to take soil samples from the location where the object came to ground. You could clearly see that there was an area of flattened grass that seemed to be singed. Later, reports state that the local farmer had burnt the area himself in hope of detering children from entering his property.

There were further reports of official looking gentlemen visiting the school and talking with the students, who had been individually sent to the headmasters office. The two gentlemen would question what the student had seen and then ridicule them. They also warned them not to talk about the incident. This of course upset many of the students. School teachers were also asked not to discuss the matter with anyone during a staff meeting. Clearly, someone wanted the incident kept quiet. Frank Samblebe the headmaster was seen in his office discussing the matter with army officials and later instructed school teachers to discourage students from talking about it.

Countless researchers have attempted to locate official records of the event in the Australian National Archives. Some documents do reference the incident and point towards the location of said official files, but further investigation revealed that the documentation was missing. Official army records also give no mention to the event. Investigators descended upon the local airport in hope of finding the pilots of the five small aircraft seen in the sky at the time of the incident. Again... no such records were located.


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