UFO Documentaries Trading Post

Hello and welcome to our new MAPIT UFO Documentary Trading Post.

Each month MAPIT will be adding new Disks to our list. If interested in obtaining a disk, simply contact MAPIT with the details of your trade. If MAPIT does not have the item then we will gladly trade. Please note: MAPIT have a very large amount of material that is yet to be processed onto disk, therefore it is necessary to contact us to see if we already have it in our stock.

Due to the amount of documentaries, clips and lectures of the subject of UFOs we cannot provide a list to view on this page, therefore we have supplied a UFO link below: Clicking on the link will open a notepad document. Simply save to your computer or open and view it. Please check regularly as new material is added frequently.

The list features all things UFO related such as, UFOs, Alien Abductions, Crop Circles and Crop Formations, Moon and Mars Anomalies, UFO Conspiacies, Underground Bases & Area 51, Exotic Aircraft, Technology & Propulsion, Early German Flying Discs, Men in Black & Black Ops Helicopters, The Chupacabra, Retilians, Mothman & others, Cattle Mutilations, The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, Ancient Astronauts & Planet X, Debates, Lectures and Clips...

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VURA UFO Archive will soon nbe available.



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